Just because you may live in a small space, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy entertaining. In fact, some of the best events we’ve attended were hosted in small spaces, which made them feel intimate and charming. With summer around the corner, you may be inspired to host a party in your small space. We sat down with HGTV designer, Chip Wade, to discuss his tips on hosting the perfect summer gathering in your tiny dwelling.

Have a Seat

Seating can oftentimes be challenging when hosting events in small spaces.

If the party is a casual cocktail party, it’s not necessary to have seating for every guest, since folks will drop in and out. However, if the event is a seated dinner party, you should consider setting a dining table with chairs for each guest.  Xtraroom furniture, designed in partnership with Chip Wade, offers several whole-room furniture solutions that make hosting a party in small spaces a breeze.


For example, the Argo Expandable Coffee Table by Xtraroom starts as a rectangular coffee table that can be flipped open into a square and then, with the the rise of one hand, becomes a full table for drinks, apps or a casual dinner. Add Xtras such as the Small Cubes for additional seating around the Argo Expandable Coffee Table that can be neatly stacked after the party and used to store shoes, kids’ toys or anything else you want to keep organized.

Next, the stylish Delphinus Expandable Dining Table (which includes four leaves)  transforms from a small breakfast table for two into a full dining table for ten in under 60-seconds. And, after the dishes are done (it’s your turn, honey),  the optional Delphinus Buffet is the perfect place to store the Expandable Dining Table with leaves and up to ten Chrome Foldable Chairs (chairs sold separately). Pretty amazing stuff.

Spread the Love

Laying out a full spread of delicious food in a small space takes pre-planning. Not only is surface space limited, but you also don’t want to create a long line of hungry guests waiting to walk through the buffet.

If you’re hosting a dinner party. Chip recommends staging your food in different places throughout your space to create more focused serving areas. Consider offering the main entrees in the kitchen, but display appetizers in the living room and desserts on the center of the dining table.


For appetizers and desserts, select serving pieces like tiered trays that can hold plenty of goodies, but take up less room. Instead of a large assortment of drinks, create one specialty cocktail that is offered in a stylish drink dispenser.

Open the Outside

Opening your space up to the outside is a simple way to increase your square footage.

To maximize outdoor space, bring your Xtraroom Chrome Foldable Chairs or Xtraroom Cubes outside and string up yard lights to create an instant festive atmosphere. If there is a nice breeze, consider opening windows and doors to let the outside in. Just be sure to invest in Citronella Candles or torches to keep the summer bugs safely away.

According to Chip, the outside is also the perfect spot to set up some entertainment or games, like the ever-popular cornhole toss game or this giant block set.

With these easy tips, you’re sure to host a fabulous party in your small space that leaves you and your guests planning the next soiree. Cheers!