Finding multifunctional furniture for small spaces that is stylish, beautiful and affordable can feel overwhelming. Xtraroom by Chip Wade, a new line of modern space-saving furniture, takes the stress out of finding transformable furniture that doesn’t sacrifice style. In fact, that’s why Chip Wade was inspired to collaborate with Xtraroom– the opportunity to design great furniture that helps dwellers embrace multipurpose living.

Life is busy and transient. Whether you’re an urban dweller leasing a stylish loft, a growing family with no room to spare, or an empty-nester looking to simplify, multipurpose furniture helps maximize small living spaces so that you can gain the most out of your square footage. When evaluating your space, Chip encourages you to dream big. He believes that rooms don’t need a label such as “bedroom” and can serve many purposes. This means it’s time to finally design the office/craft room/guest bedroom that’s been on your to-do list for a few months (or years, but who’s counting).

Are you ready to make yourspace-saving furniture dreams come true? This spring, Xtraroom by Chip Wade is excited to introduce the new Orion Collection.

The Orion Collection is centered around the Orion Console Bed, a space-saving bed or hideaway bed that easily folds away into a modern, stylish console table. The Orion Console Bed allows you to store a comfortable queen size bed anywhere. Available in white, deep walnut or warm anthracite, the Orion Console Bed compliments several different design styles with its on-trend color palette. Best of all, it takes about 60 seconds to go from chic console table to bedtime.

How comfortable can a fold out bed really be? It’s a fair question. But rest assured (no pun intended) that Xtraroom has you covered. Crafted from a combination of solid wood and veneer, the Orion Console Bed is constructed using a superior combination of springs, euro slats and high tensile fabrics, delivering a great night’s sleep where you’ll never feel the bars.


To fully maximize your small space and create a true multipurpose room, Chip has designed a desk, hutch and TV stand to compliment the Orion Console Bed. We invite you to check out the full Orion Collection. And we’re just getting started creating modern space-saving furniture that doesn’t sacrifice style so please stay in touch.

Those of us here at Xtraroom are so excited to see how our customers will accessorize and design around the Orion Collection.  Please share your pics with us using #xtraroom #spaceforliving.