Experiencing life,   rather than buying so much stuff, has been a growing trend and lifestyle shift in recent years. Research shows that Millennials are buying smaller homes or opting to lease in order to loosen up more disposable income for experiences and travel. Also, many Millennials are adopting the minimalist mentality, which means decluttering and accumulating less stuff. I know in my house, we have been cutting way back on things in order to save up for more long weekend trips and even a bucket list adventure to Europe next year. The richness of life no longer comes from tangible wealth.


Even though Millennials are opting for small-space living, the demands of life are still present. Many of us still desire large dining tables for family gatherings and dinner parties, or a sofa that is big and comfortable enough for game night. We need space to work and space to work out. We need space for family and college friends to crash on a guest bed. Although space is minimalizing, we’re still social creatures that need room for living and enjoying life.

Xtraroom furniture, the new brand that is designed in partnership with HGTV’s Chip Wade, is created especially for this lifestyle and cultural shift. Made of the highest quality materials for long-lasting durability, Xtraroom furniture is both multifunctional and stylish. Xtraroom furniture defines multipurpose living and can be transitioned from one function to the next in mere seconds.

Here’s a quick look at our Top 5 Favorite Xtraroom furniture solutions:

Orion Console Bed

Work. Play. Rest. Repeat. Maximize your living space, while making room for overnight guests, with the Orion Console Bed. The console table opens to reveal a comfortable, foldable queen-size bed (mattress included). Check out the full Orion Collection for desk and hutch options.


Sagitta Sofa with Bar

Watch the big game at your place! The Sagitta Sofa is the ultimate party couch. You can sit four in front and another four along the back bar table. The sofa folds down into a bed in 10 seconds and stores sheets and pillows. It even has integrated power.

Delphinus Dining Table

Go from an intimate table for two, to full-size seating for 12, in seconds. The Delphinus Dining Table comes in a stylish buffet that stores it all effortlessly. Foldable chrome chairs sold separately. Now, what will you cook?


Virgo Wall Bed

It’s the wall bed redefined! In addition to twin, full and queen-size offerings, Virgo Wall Beds can be paired with a desk, sofa, or TV stand with fireplace option, each of which transitions effortlessly to maximize functionality and space. 


Auriga Monolith Coffee Table

The Auriga Monolith Coffee Table goes from a chic coffee table to a dining table with two pull-out benches by simply pushing a button. It’s so easy, even kids can do it.  

Are you ready to minimize space and maximize living? We can help. To learn more or purchase Xtraroom furniture, click here.