If you haven’t met celebrity designer and HGTV star Chip Wade, you’re missing out. His larger-than-life personality and infectious grin make you feel right at home. And home is, well, what he does best. Chip is a busy guy, with his hands in design, real estate, production, creative and more. However, according to the way his eyes light up when discussing helping others, Chip’s true passion is renovating spaces to make them even better for the families that call them home.

An Atlanta-native, Chip Wade comes from a long line of carpenters and craftsmen, including his Dad. Chip began working with his father at an early age – and over the years developed an interest in design, carpentry, landscaping and renovation. After graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech, Chip moved on to earn his certification in residential construction, while working for an Atlanta-based home builder. Chip uses his background in engineering to create quality spaces that are not only beautiful, but that perform.

In 2007, Chip entered the world of media, taking on roles in several home improvement shows on DIY and HGTV networks. Most recently, Chip starred in the Emmy-winning hit HGTV show Elbow Room which allowed him get to know families and create amazing spaces for them to flourish and grow. According to Chip, he never knew renovating homes could be quite so much fun. Check out Chip’s bio video from HGTV for the full story.

However, during his years in the home space, Chip realized an ever-growing need for multi-purpose furniture that transforms with the needs of the homeowners. Whether it be a couple that is downsizing with the goal of traveling more, or a single professional with limited square-footage in the city, Chip identified a powerful need in the home space for transformative furniture with less boundaries and more possibilities.  It wasn’t long before Xtraroom, a new brand creating multipurpose furniture, contacted Chip—and a true collaboration was born.


Chip and Xtraroom are a destined match that was aligned in the stars. Xtraroom was searching for a design voice that offered true expertise, and Chip brought exactly that to the table with his years of design and carpentry experience. The result is a robust series of collections that offer whole-room solutions, so today’s transit homeowner can live life outside the confines of four walls. From a comfortable sofa that becomes a desk or coffee table, to a bed with TV stand and fireplace, and much more, Xtraroom gives you space for living.

Learn more about Chip Wade and Xtraroom’s growing offerings of innovative multipurpose solutions.