Summer is quickly coming to a close, and it’s always bittersweet. The longer days, outdoor activities, and leisurely dips in the pool will soon be replaced by early alarm clocks, lunch boxes, and back-to-school class schedules. Side note: While I’m always sad to see summer end, there is something wonderful and exciting about new school supplies. Why do new notebooks and new pencils smell so good?

As I’m getting my kids back-to-school ready, I’m also putting thought into getting our home, a bungalow in the city, prepared for the new routine as well.  When our space is organized, it makes transitioning from homework, to dinner, to the morning rush, much easier and less stressful. To help get your home back-to-school ready, we’ve compiled a few easy tips.


Tip 1: Create a family command center.

A family command center is a centralized place in your home where coats, bookbags, shoes, calendars, and papers can easily be located. The family command center improves communication for your family and eliminates the dreaded, “Mom, where did you put my bookbag?” “Mom, where is my signed field trip form?” “Mom, I can’t find my left shoe.” You get the picture.

Creating a family command center can be fun and easy. Basic command centers include items like a stylish acrylic calendar, hanging file storage, a chalk board for lists or messages, and coat hooks. For more inspiration, check out “10 Stylish Family Schedule and Command Center Ideas” from Tip Junkie.  Baskets are always a staple item in family command centers for shoes and umbrellas.  

Tip 2: Make sure to maximize space.

When school project space is limited in homes like ours, maximizing space with multipurpose furniture solutions can reduce stress and increase the enjoyment of your home. Xtraroom designs stylish, transforming furniture in collaboration with HGTV celebrity designer Chip Wade. As you’re preparing your home for back-to-school, Xtraroom offers up several great furniture pieces that transition into the perfect homework area.

The Auriga Monolith Coffee Table provides a great solution for homework hour, game night, and family dinner. It transitions from a chic coffee table into a table with two benches in just a few seconds with the push of a button. Even our three-year-old can operate the table with ease. Ideal for a sitting room, play area or small living room, the Scorpius Sofa Flip Table transitions from a comfortable sofa to a desk with two cushioned chairs. Also, both the Orion Collection and Virgo Collection offer desk options along with bedroom solutions.

Tip 3: Assign daily responsibilities to encourage teamwork.  

To successfully dive into a new school year, it’s important to approach the new family routine as a team endeavor. Your entire family is critical to the overall success of the team, and every member must do his or her part to keep the team going. A great way to encourage this attitude is to implement a new chore chart. Etsy has some great customizable chore chart options that you can tailor to suit your family.

In our house, my 7-year-old and 3-year-old have age-appropriate chores that help instill responsibility and confidence. You can reward the completion of chores with each task or in a weekly reward. Whatever the case, make it a fun learning experience for everyone.


Now that your family command center is all set, space is maximized and ready for that winning science project, and your chore chart is in motion, it’s time to pack those exhausting and adorable Pinterest-perfect lunches—and enjoy the start of a brand new school year. Here is hoping that everyone has a great school year from your friends at Xtraroom!