The holidays are officially in full effect, and I am skipping through my loft apartment to the sound of Jingle Bell Rock pretty much 24/7. Let’s not even get started on my unhealthy addiction to Hallmark Christmas movies. Whatever brings you holiday joy, decorating your space is an exciting and sometimes stressful part of the season, especially if you are tight on space. But don’t sweat it, because your friends at Xtraroom have compiled some great tips on holiday decorating for small spaces.


If you’ve opted for a city apartment, charming suburban bungalow, or simply have a smaller home, fitting in all of the holiday decors in a cramped space can be challenging. Chip Wade, HGTV celebrity designer, and Xtraroom design expert, gives us some of his best Christmas decorating tips as he stirs his hot chocolate with a candy cane (no, really).  You don’t have to sacrifice holiday cheer just because you live in a small space.

Clear the Space

Before decorating for Christmas, evaluate furniture that needs to be moved or slightly rearranged. Every year, I have to move my sofa down the wall a few feet to fit my Christmas tree. Also, put away any accessories that you don’t need this time of year so that you have more space for holiday décor. Chip loves oversized storage totes for safely and quickly packing away seasonal items.


Xtraroom’s transformational, multipurpose furniture provides the perfect solution for creating more space year-round. Since I write from home, the Orion Console Table with Desk and Hutch is a life-saver. When holiday guests are in town, I simply lift the top of the desk to unfold the queen-size bed in under 60-seconds. Chip’s pick, the Auriga Monolith Coffee Table, automatically lifts to reveal a full-height table with two slides out benches. Check out all of Xtraroom’s living room solutions for more ideas.

Get Creative with the Tree

The heart of most holiday décor belongs to the Christmas tree. For me, I found a 7.5’ pencil tree that takes up very little floor space but still feels festive. Consider elevating your Christmas tree to create more floor space. Chip recommends placing your tree in a wine crate or basket for a clean, space-saving aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid to think beyond the traditional Christmas tree. A 3D paper tree, garland hung around the perimeter of the room, or LED-wrapped wintry tree can all create the holiday vibe in your home while still respecting space constraints. Chip loves this rustic wall-hanging tree as a stylish alternative.

Small Details Go Along Way

Think out-of-the-box when decorating to make the most out of your space. Chip recommends tying a festive ribbon around dining chairs, placing a Fresh Balsam candle in your kitchen, and hanging your stockings on door handles—or creating a makeshift mantle.  Etsy offers many creative and handmade stocking-hanging alternatives for homes without mantles and fireplaces. Display sprigs of fresh greenery with simple red ornaments from your local big box store in existing bowls and trays for an affordable and instant Christmas-infusion.


We hope we’ve given you some great ideas on holiday decorating small spaces. Check out our Christmas Decorating Pinterest board for more ideas, and share your holiday décor with us on Instagram using #xtraroomholiday.

Happy Holidays from  your friends at Xtraroom!